About us

M. Jaypee Cement brand was established in 2011. Heavy Machinery Company from INDIA was comissioned to designed and build three unit cement plant with production capacity of 1000 TPD. M.Jaypee Cement produces high quality cement to reinforce structure such as high-raise buildings, industrial plants, residental blocks, bridges, culverts and flyovers.

M. Jaypee Cement delivers the highest standards in cement at affordable price


Board Members
  • Sunder Pathak
  • Paras Adhikari
  • Janak Bhatta
  • Rajendra Bhattarai
  • Harish Khadka


Our Vision:

To be the market leader in Cement Business. We will try our best to boost countrywide flows of cement and offer customers the best way out to their needs and demands. Taking our idea to the next step and to be a top global company with strong emphasis on each of the businesses is one of our main visions.


Our mission is to delight our customers, employees and shareholders by relentlessly delivering the platform and values to be the market leader.


M. Jaypee Cement always aims for quality in performance making strong relations which is built on trust, core values of co-operation, reliability and leadership. These values are the foundation of the organization.

Chairman Message

Dear Distinguished Shareholders, Customers, Partners,and Guests

First of all, on the behalf of M.jaypee cement company i would like to express our warmest greetings and best wishes to all Shareholders, Customers and Partners. M.jaypee cement does not only produce quality products, has also created hundred of employment opportunity here. Thus, we are trying to contribute in our country's ecomonic development. Upholding social values and morality we have been ahead of building a new Nepal by using modern technologies. M.jaypee cement company actively contribute to develop infastructural projects and other related projects for the sake of best benifits for customers, society and nation. We belive that our products play a significant role in the economic development in Nepal. Therefore, we always try our best to provide our products compatibly in the market with high and stable quality. Along with our business activities, we always pay special attentions to social care, including an environmental protection, education development and contribution to social infrastructure construction. And our participation will continue with determination to build better future. M.jaypee cement company will be very glad to be fully trusted and be the first preference of the valued consumers and partners. I am glad on that we are operating three excellent and modern cement plants. I am confident that as a result of the operation of this plant our industries potential will further increase and strengthen. Our primary goal was to ensure quality in advance. And obviously like I said, ensuring the bright management in there to deliver those services. There are proficient people and I am fortunate enough to have some of them in our company. We have made and will continue to make large investements in our plants to increase our capacity to meet Nepal's thriving need for cement of consistent quality.

Sundar Pathak

Chairman M. Jaypee Cement Pvt. Ltd

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